Creating dynamic narratives for brands that will make a powerful impact

Bold. Lively. Colorful. Exciting. Vivid.


We're Vibrant.

We’re passionate about communications. And also culture - what’s shifting it, who’s driving it and where it’s going. But we’re mainly passionate about our clients. And not just any clients – we’re champions for the new, young and established companies looking for a fresh and innovative way to connect with people.

We believe creating vibrant narratives for our clients will allow them to drive change and leave a powerful impact, not only with their consumers but also on culture.


Our Founder

As founder and CEO of Vibrant, Paris Tyler drives the business strategy and oversees operations. An award-winning communications professional with more than 11 years of experience in public relations, she has lent her expertise to some of the country's top consumer brands and campaigns including got milk?, McDonald’s, CIROC Vodka, The Root and Intel Security securing stories in top-tier media outlets such as WSJ, USA Today, Ad Age, MSNBC and CBS while driving buzz online through influencer initiatives and fresh curated content on brands’ social platforms.