Canviiy had developed an innovative itch-calming serum that provided relief to those suffering from scalp itch and irritation. The brand's ScalpBliss™ Itch-Calming DipStix Set and On-the-Go Mini Tube were formulated with natural and powerful botanicals that were guaranteed to provide better results than most health & beauty products on the market, but lacked the visibility of its competitors. 


In an effort to attract new consumers, a media relations campaign was implemented during Q4 of 2016 for Canviiy. Editors, writers and bloggers covering Lifestyle, Health and Beauty responded to various pitch angles leveraging the holiday (gift guides) and winter season (scalp health). 

Product send-outs were also executed, introducing the Canviiy ScalpBliss™ Itch-Calming DipStix Set and On-the-Go Mini Tube to top-tier press including Yahoo!, PopSugar, Huffington Post and InStyle to be considered for future coverage. 


As a result of a strong holiday and winter push to media, Canviiy garnered more than 125 million media impressions across various beauty blogs and top-tier online sites. The ScalpBliss™ On-the-Go Mini Tube was featured as part of Yahoo! Beauty's "20 Black-Owned Brands You Need to Add to Your Beauty Hoard" and PopSugar’s “Best Brown Girl Beauty Products of 2016.