SoBakeable is a San Francisco-based baking kit company that believes in celebrating life's moments with something sweet. As one of many food kits on the market but few offering desserts, SoBakeable sought to break through the clutter of the subscription box category and increase visibility of the brand. 


Beginning Q4 2016, a media strategy was developed to leverage the holiday season through proactive pitching to Food, Lifestyle and Parenting writers and editors. SoBakeable was positioned as the perfect solution for holiday baking and gift for foodies and sweets lovers. Continuing into the new year, a news engine was developed to keep SoBakeable top of mind with media through various angles leveraging the product as a great addition to dinner meal kits as well as a celebratory item for holidays, parties and special occasions. In addition to media relations, a partnership was developed with cookware brand, KitchenAid, through a social media giveaway in effort to reach a new audience and gain new customers. 


Over a span of 10 months, SoBakeable was featured in nearly 40 outlets across national and local coverage resulting in more 300 million media impressions. Feature stories include The San Francisco Chronicle and San Diego Union Tribune with mentions on PopSugarBrit + Co and Cooking Light. The brand also saw 100% growth month-over-month and an uptick in site traffic and subscribers which was boosted due to media coverage. As a result of the KitchenAid partnership, SoBakeable was able to connect and engage with new consumers seeing an increase in fans and followers across Facebook and Twitter.