Due to the limited availability of workwear options for professional millennial women, SuitableYou was founded to provide more stylish, age-appropriate for women transitioning from college to the workplace. The brand hoped to help women build their work wardrobes so they could focus on building their careers. With a variety of style boxes on the market, SuitableYou wanted to be a solution for women by helping them feel empowered on-the-job through fashion.


SuitableYou sought to grow its members by reaching its millennial audience. We met them where they’re located – online. Implementing a micro-influencer campaign, we identified and partnered with aligned style influencers that were also professionals or students by day. Beginning in June, influencers were shipped style boxes based on their style preferences, work environment and lifestyle to create content on how SuitableYou made dressing for work or special events easier and more convenient. Influencers executed giveaways to grow followers and were also provided with promo codes in an effort to track purchases.


For 6 months, SuitableYou partnered with twelve micro-influencers seeing exponential growth in its weekly membership – 300%. Influencer content was further repurposed for SuitableYou’s own social channels, website and email marketing campaigns. With 40 Instagram posts and 12 blog posts, the campaign garnered nearly half a million social impressions.